After yesterday’s post on my current wishlist I thought I’d update you on what else I’ve been adding to my wardrobe this season. Instead of buying everything in sight, I’ve been shopping around at my favourite high street stores, trying to be more mindful with my spending and only purchasing the things I really, really love and can see lasting into next year. I’ve ended up with a small but perfectly formed Summer capsule edit that should see me through the warmer weather!

Light denim, embroidery, off shoulder cuts and white & red seem to be where my mind is at this year with Summer dressing, as everything I’ve picked seems to fall into one of those categories. I’ve put up a haul for you to watch if you want to see everything up close, as well as the fit. I always find try-on hauls so helpful, especially when shopping online.

This outfit has been one of my favourites for dressing in line with the ever changing weather here in the South. My H&M jeans have been permanently glued to my body and it’s literally just been a case of interchanging top, shoes and bag!

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