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“The Color Room’s goal is to provide a lifestyle brand to help consumers acheive luxury hair color at an affordable price level.
When you step into the showroom you will walk out with your greatest accessory that you wear every day.”

Audriana Rossano


Natural Botanical Color, With Low Ammonia & Deposits Keratin For Healthier Shiny Hair (Includes Consultation)

from $65

Natural Botanical Color, With Low Ammonia & Deposits Keratin For Healthier Shiny Hair. Partial from $100. Full head from $150

from $100

Generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. (Includes Consultation)

from $150


Becoming better known because all the models and A-listers are wearing it. (Includes Consultation)

From $150

Color Refresh

Our lightweight formula doesn’t weigh your hair down and leaves it bouncy & vibrant. Sometimes referred to as “Gloss”. (Includes Consultation)

From $40

Color Blowouts

Your hair is washed, blown dry, curled or straightened and styled with perfect products. Shampoo and Style (Includes Consultation)

From $40

You need a color cleanse to remove the old color and put on a new one.(Includes Consultation)

From $150


Artificial hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions, add length and fullness.(Requires Consultation)

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The woman leaving a TCR chair will feel confident and sexy. Having a professional make-up application by TCR is one way to get that.

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*Prices vary by individual stylist, these are only pricing guidelines, price may increase based on time and amount of product used.

From $65


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Offering the finest hair
and skin products available



TCR’s promise is to be the best at the heart of haircolor with TCR constantly investing into education, the promise of being the haircolor professionals will show through the work that the artist create.

TCR is a very young, youthful brand so most of the marketing is on digital platforms. TCR’s goal is for social media Is to be the influencers of everything hair color and hair care. TCR is developing a lifestyle brand on social media to connect with clients be on the services.

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